Are you doing everything you can to prevent accidents?

According to OSHA, on any given day there are 6.5 million people at work on over 250,000 construction sites across America. The fatal injury rate in the construction industry is higher than the national average for other comparable industries. The construction industry requires broad, universal programs to bring this accident rate down, and adequate worker training is the key. OSHA [...]

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June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. Join the National Safety Council (NSC) and thousands of other organizations across the country as we all work together to raise awareness of what it takes to Keep Each Other Safe. Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing the leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and [...]

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The Psychology of Your ID Badge Design

We had a client recently ask if it was necessary to use our system with ID cards. Perhaps you have the same question—the answer is that it is absolutely not necessary. But, a quick view of our site and its images would suggest that we place high value in the ID card part of our service. This is true. [...]

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New Credential Feature allows display of complementary information

We are pleased to announce the release of a new feature to the C.V.S. service, which allows you to display additional supporting details about a specific credential. When created, any credential can now contain information on: The "Issuing Authority", ie the training organization where the credential was earned "Notes" containing additional information, such as a license number, or the specific [...]

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Retreive Training Records with a Wristband Instead of an ID Card

InstantCard has been working with one of the world's leading manufacturers of silicone wristbands to develop an exciting new way to access training records. We are now able to print unique QR codes directly on long-lasting, comfortable bracelets. In an industry first, we created this unique option to expand the usability of the Credential Verification Service to a wider range [...]

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New Ransomeware Targets Linux

At CVS we're all about safety and security. And, additionally, we happen to have quite a few Linux machines at the office. So, the following was of extreme interest to us; and, perhaps, will be to you as well. According to The Hacker News, a new version of KillDisk ransomeware targets linux computers. In case you were unaware, ransomeware is [...]

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Thanks, CVS, for the Holiday Party Small-Talk!

Very unfortunately, this sweater is not yet available for purchase. Recently, I was at a holiday party with a bunch of people whom I had never met before. So, naturally, I asked generic questions like "what do you do?" One guy responded with "I'm a construction manager." "Really?!" I asked as though he had just told me that [...]

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Headlong into the Precarious

We created CVS as a way to increase work site security through mobile technology. Because of this, we're not only interested in keeping up with happenings in the construction industry, but also in keeping up with the ever shifting trends on the technological horizon. Naturally, something like the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 crisis raises alarms for us. But, perhaps [...]

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One foot in the past

... but, to be fair, when we say "one foot in the past" we don't mean that far into the past. We often have people ask us about additional options for their CVS ID cards. While people immediately see the benefit of our credential management technology, they sometimes worry that they have to give up other ID card options in order [...]

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