According to OSHA, on any given day there are 6.5 million people at work on over 250,000 construction sites across America. The fatal injury rate in the construction industry is higher than the national average for other comparable industries. The construction industry requires broad, universal programs to bring this accident rate down, and adequate worker training is the key.

OSHA identifies the following major hazards as areas of concern:

  1. Falls (from heights);
  2. Trench collapse;
  3. Scaffold collapse;
  4. Electric shock and arc flash/arc blast;
  5. Failure to use proper personal protective equipment; and
  6. Repetitive motion injuries.

There is a wealth of useful suggestions on accident avoidance on the OSHA website.

But fundamental to any Worker Safety program are the two areas for which the CVS service is particularly well suited:

  • ensuring the each employee is appropriately trained for the work he is expected to perform
  • ensuring that each job is assigned to an employee who has the training required to fulfill that job safely

At a very minimal cost, the CVS service allows anyone to verify, at any time, the fit between a specific worker’s training and the task he is assigned.