Upload construction qualifications

Upload qualifications
from any source.

A single repository for all safety training records, whether obtained internally or from an external provider.

safety training records secure data

Data is securely
stored in the cloud.

Employee training records are always up-to-date and instantly accessible with 99.99% reliability.

ID card with QR code to access safety training courses

A QR code is printed
on each worker’s ID.

Durable long-lasting plastic wallet card gives instant access to all qualifications and credentials.

Scan Card for training records

Scan the QR code
with any phone/tablet.

Managers or inspectors just scan a badge to retrieve employee’s complete training history.

Fill out the form to start tracking employee training records.

A Credential Verification Service representative will contact you right away!

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Checking workers’ qualifications
keeps the worksite safe.

All credentials and qualifications can be viewed
on-demand on any mobile device.

The CVS service provides each employee with a
professional plastic photo ID card
that can be scanned to immediately look up all certifications.

The highly configurable Credential Verification Service system was designed to adapt to the various needs of different industries.

credential verification for plant turnaround
contractors can verify credentials
document verification for rail workers
pricing for credential verification service
credential verification service for field workers


Tracking employee training has never been easier!

Upload safety training records

Talk to a credential verification service representative

construction safety Promote a Safety Culture

Increase safety awareness by making training visible to everyone, everywhere.

compliance time cost savingsReduce compliance time

Ensure efficiency on the work site with rapid turnaround of qualification verification requests.

streamline construction verificationEliminate paper training records

Replace dog-eared wallet cards with up-to-date electronic records.

credentials documents diplomasView original training documents

Digital images of original certification documents display on any mobile device.

credential expiration notifications Receive notification of soon-to-expire credentials

Automatic reminders to enroll in re-certification courses.

cloud storage construction dataAutomated upload of credential records

Bulk export of data via excel spreadsheets or web-services API.

on-site emergency contact informationEmergency contact information

First responders have instant access to critical emergency medical information.

safety program trackingTrack safety programs like “tool-box talks”

Our mobile app allows instant registration of course participation.

worksite documentsMake worksite documents instantly available

Important documentation can be immediately accessed via the same QR code.

industry standardsCustomize to meet industry-specific requirements

Highly configurable to adapt to a wide range of unique company needs.

Now you may optionally use your Credential Verification Service badges with TapTrack.


Easily add CVS’s functionality to your sites and apps

CVS  card designs are included

One of our professional designers will create your template at no additional cost,
so you can track safety training compliance in style.

They are printed on durable PVC plastic using
high-resoution thermal retransfer printing 

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