Major CVS Service Enhancements

  1. Emergency Medical Information in case of man-down situation
  2. Data options for verifying worker identity
  3. Tracking of PPE check-out
  1. Mobile App to enter credentials and qualifications
  2. Automatic email notification of credentials expiring in next 30/60/90/180-days
  3. Extended reporting facility to extract data
  4. Ability to export QR codes for printing on cards or hardhat labels
  5. Enhanced credential search and filtering on multiple criteria
  6. Ability for employees to upload their own un-verified credentials
  7. Ability to filter employees who do not have a specific credential
  8. Bulk upload of employee photos and credential images
  1. Log-in and Log-out tracking feature
  2. Ability to manage equipment information and documentation for fixed and mobile equipment
  3. Info-Tables to track structured data
  1. PDF Documents made available to some or all employees
  2. Tracking course hours for credentials and qualifications
  3. Ability to import all major data elements by spreadsheet
  4. Enhanced validation of data imported by spreadsheet
  5. Standard naming to enforce standardized nomenclature covering full range of names (titles, divisions, issuing authority, etc.)
  6. Ability to generate credential report matrix showing each employee’s qualifications and dates
  7. Permanent link for QR as alternative to company no/employee no.
  8. Ability to set up and manage parent-child organizations
  9. Ability to upload multiple supporting documents for a single credential
  10. Automatic setting of expiration dates after x months for a credential
  11. Ability to identify and merge duplicate credentials
  12. Ability to manage credentials with “do not display” option
  13. Upload up to three documents per credential
  14. Extended pop-up information fields for credentials and qualifications (“issuing authority”, “notes”, etc.)
  15. Usage tracking of count of QR code scans
  1. Full API integration for importing data from LMS and other systems
  2. API calls to send data to other systems
  1. Additional roles to allow wider flexibility in accessing and updating DB
  2. Enhanced password expiration and password recovery