ugly CVS Christmas sweater

Very unfortunately, this sweater is not yet available for purchase.

Recently, I was at a holiday party with a bunch of people whom I had never met before. So, naturally, I asked generic questions like “what do you do?” One guy responded with “I’m a construction manager.”
“Really?!” I asked as though he had just told me that he was Santa himself—we had just finished creating a new landing page for general contractors interested in CVS, and I was excited to see what he thought.

There was a computer nearby, so I showed him the page and let him scroll through the slider explaining our ID badge verification system. He seemed impressed, quick to bemoan the amount of credentials subcontractors have to keep with them on the worksite. One guy, apparently, had recently forgotten his OSHA 30 and it was a big deal. Needless to say, I had struck holiday party small-talk gold.

Then, interrupting his own story of dematerialized OSHA creds, he asked “Wait… why haven’t I heard of this before?”

That was, in fact, a very good question. Perhaps we should make some CVS holiday sweaters in order to get the word out. What do you think?