CVS QR code verification Tattoo
We had a client recently ask if it was necessary to use our system with ID cards. Perhaps you have the same question—the answer is that it is absolutely not necessary. But, a quick view of our site and its images would suggest that we place high value in the ID card part of our service. This is true.

So, if not necessary, why should you care about the ID card side of the CVS service?

This is a great question. You could, in fact, use the CVS system to generate QR codes and place them on just about anything. But, before you run off to get your CVS QR code tattooed on your shoulder, let me explain why its integration into a professional ID badge is a good idea. (I mean, you’re still free to get the tattoo, but it is in no way under our official recommendation.)

Your badge serves for more than a way to check credentials.

brain image
In the intersection of psychology and design is a very important concept called “visceral reaction.” No matter how much one tries to conscientiously interact with design, certain responses are innate, skipping the brain. Why is this important? Because, your company’s IDs also serve to instill confidence in your clients. When they first see an ID badge, design elements create a visceral reaction which will either instill confidence or doubt before they can read a word on the ID.

The other important principle to consider is that of facial recognition. We are programmed to respond more quickly (and favorably) to images of peoples faces.  (Neilsen, Eye Tracking Usability, 2010). A well-designed photo ID badge can set a positive subconscious reaction to your worker before a word is even spoken.

With CVS, we believe the ID badge side of our service to be extremely important to your company. So much so, that we offer ID template design for FREE. This isn’t a marketing gimmick—If you make a good impression on your customers, your business grows. If your business grows, so does ours. It’s just good psychology.