The CVS system has the powerful ability to allow clients to standardize the naming conventions used within their company. The application of standardized naming conventions is called a nomenclature. This post will discuss briefly how this can benefit your company’s safety program.

We have all seen the situation where the same course or training program has different names. For example, one training organization may title their course “Slips and Falls”, while another might call theirs “Fall Prevention”, yet the contents are identical. Likewise, one division might typically title their employees “Assistant Manager”, while another would use “Asst. Mgr.”. This disparity can result in problems identifying and verifying exactly what skills each employee possesses.

Best practices suggest that you should standardize names wherever possible, so only one name is used for a given skill or capability. This ensures consistency throughout your data base, facilitates searches, and simplifies management. It also helps keep everyone on the same page when they are communicating with each other.

Fortunately, the CVS system makes it very easy to set up and apply a nomenclature in your organization. Companies can choose to force various titles to be chosen from a given pre-defined list, ensuring consistency in the database. Or the option can be given to either choose from the list, or enter a unique name. Either way, the variations drop dramatically, simplifying training management.

CVS offers nomenclature management for the names of training credentials, qualifications, job titles, and even division names. Just one more example of how the implementation of the Credential Verification Service can result in widespread benefits throughout your organization.