In case of an emergency, or any other unforeseen situation, staff are often at a loss to know who they are supposed to call.  With all the unusual circumstances which can happen at any time on a complex worksite, its not surprising that precious time is often lost as the right person, who can address the situation, is identified, contacted, and brought up to speed.  Fortunately, technology is now available to shave precious minutes off the time to locate and inform the right person.

We have built a capability into the CVS service to manage worksite documents.  It is available to all clients, at no additional cost. Any worker with a CVS ID card can scan his own badge, or anyone’s badge, and pull up those documents.  One of the common kinds of documents, among others, to make available is a basic contact list – who to contact in different circumstances, like this:


This can avoid that common excuse “I didn’t know I was supposed to call him”. A simple list of key contacts, with their phone numbers, could end up being a lifesaver. Contact us if you have any questions about how this capability can be implemented in your environment.