free sample id badgeSomehow, in our excitement over redesigning our website, we eliminated the page allowing you to request a free sample ID card.

This was a gross oversight—The plastic ID badges are the heart of the Credential Verification Service. And, giving you the chance to see how durable, professional, and pretty they are is very important to us. (Did we mention they’re pretty?)

We sincerely want you to know exactly what you are receiving with our service—from web management to physical badges. So, we encourage you to ask for a sample and see for yourself.

You may now find links to the sample request form at the bottom of the home page, on the pricing page, and in the  main menu under “contact.” (Requesting a sample is, after all, a form of contact.) Or, you could simply just click here.

All CVS ID badges are printed using high-definition, scratch-resistant thermal retransfer printing. The stock used is the same durable PVC plastic used for your credit cards. And, if you’ve ever tried destroying a credit card by hand, you probably already know how durable that is. (We do not, however, recommend using our badges as ice scrapers in the winter—that’s a job better suited for an actual ice scraper.)

Of course, as always, if there’s anything else you need before deciding whether or not CVS is right for your company, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help in any way possible.