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The Importance of Standardized Names

  Whenever you manage a complex data base, with thousands of data records, you will certainly encounter the "nomenclature" problem. This is the need to have a naming convention for calling things by standardized names. As a simple example, the titles "Assistant Foreman", "Asst Foreman", and "ASSIST. FOREMAN" may all mean exactly the same thing. But these three terms will look [...]

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Technology and Your ID Badge

At the heart of the CVS service are the credit card-style badges. These badges (if you are not already aware) are printed by InstantCard—America's leading cloud-based ID card service. InstantCard is passionate about using technology to efficiently enhance ID cards. This is, in fact, how CVS was born. So, of course, it behooves us to share InstantCard's most recent [...]

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Effective use of Standardized Nomenclature in CVS System

The CVS system has the powerful ability to allow clients to standardize the naming conventions used within their company. The application of standardized naming conventions is called a nomenclature. This post will discuss briefly how this can benefit your company's safety program. We have all seen the situation where the same course or training program has different names. For example, [...]

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How to Ensure Employees know who to call

In case of an emergency, or any other unforeseen situation, staff are often at a loss to know who they are supposed to call.  With all the unusual circumstances which can happen at any time on a complex worksite, its not surprising that precious time is often lost as the right person, who can address the situation, is identified, contacted, and brought [...]

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Request a FREE Sample CVS ID Card

Somehow, in our excitement over redesigning our website, we eliminated the page allowing you to request a free sample ID card. This was a gross oversight—The plastic ID badges are the heart of the Credential Verification Service. And, giving you the chance to see how durable, professional, and pretty they are is very important to us. (Did we mention they're [...]

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Announcing the New InstantCard C.V.S. Mobile App

The first version of the C.V.S. Mobile App has now been released, and is available for free download for both Apple and Android devices. The simple-to-use app allows an authorized trainer in the field to automatically register attendees that have completed a course he has given.  At the end of the course, he just has to scan the QR code [...]

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New design, same great product.

Perhaps you found this post directly. If so, and you haven't seen our home page recently, go have a look—it's completely new! →New CVS Home Page← We're excited about the new design. The layout is more simple and less distracting. We think that you may now get a better idea of what the CVS service is all about, more quickly. [...]

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New CVS “How-To” Videos

At InstantCard, we understand that new technology, like CVS, can be a bit overwhelming.  For me, every time there is a new version of my graphic design or video software I hesitate a bit before hitting "download." While the idea of new software and functionality is exciting, the prospect of changing to a new system can be a little taxing.  [...]

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