Perhaps you found this post directly. If so, and you haven’t seen our home page recently, go have a look—it’s completely new!

→New CVS Home Page←

We’re excited about the new design. The layout is more simple and less distracting. We think that you may now get a better idea of what the CVS service is all about, more quickly. We also decided to include the site’s “How it Works” section directly in this page. After all, this is one of the first things anyone searching for a better way to check/manage credentials will want to know.

Perhaps you read our recent post, Print Flyer. If so, you already know that sometimes we have a hard time figuring out how to best portray the simplicity of our credential verification system, while also highlighting its numerous (and ever expanding) list of features. We believe the new design reflects this much better than the previous one. (Don’t think so? Contact us and tell us why!) As we add new features (mostly base on your requirements and suggestions), we work really hard not to let anything complicate the heart of the service—instantly checking workers’ credentials, anywhere.

We also updated the About Us page to use the same new style. Keep an eye out on the site as we change all of the pages to reflect our new design choices.