Our Mission

We are driven by a desire to enhance worker safety on the worksite
through the use of advanced cloud technologies.

Our Team

We are all technology buffs. We’re know that cloud and mobile technologies have the power to drastically improve traditional work processes in the construction industry.  As a team, we constantly challenge ourselves to seek out new and better ways that these amazing technologies can enhance safety and efficiency.

The key to our team’s success can be summed up in one word: “listen”.  We listen to our customers. We ask a lot of questions. We make sure that we fully understand how our services can help our customers achieve their objectives.

Our Story

CVS was originally developed when an InstantCard client, in 2015, asked us about using smart cards to check training records.  After a lot of brainstorming, we developed a fairly limited pilot MVP (Minimum Viable Product).  Very quickly a number of construction companies saw the benefits of the service, and signed up.  Based on that initial experience, one year later we decided to invest significant resources in a cutting-edge system that has turned into the CVS service you see today.

We discovered that we had tapped into a major unmet market need.  Construction companies all over the United States were seeking a better way to access their employees’ training records online from the jobsite.

InstantCard has continued to invest heavily in the CVS service over the years, regularly adding new features driven entirely by client suggestions.  We became completely focused on meeting the needs of safety and training professionals, focusing primarily on the construction industry.  Then we evolved to meet the needs of other industries such as energy, utilities, and transportation.

Our focus remains to make safety-related data easily accessible from any phone or tablet on the jobsite, in order to drive down the chance of a worksite incident.

Now, years later, we believe that we offer the most advanced credential management platform available anywhere.