We created CVS as a way to increase work site security through mobile technology. Because of this, we’re not only interested in keeping up with happenings in the construction industry, but also in keeping up with the ever shifting trends on the technological horizon. Naturally, something like the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 crisis raises alarms for us. But, perhaps we can all learn something from it.

Galaxy Note 7 and Construction SafetyIf you haven’t already read it, Samsung claimed that the crisis stemmed from an early release meant to capitalize on a “dull” iPhone. We get it. It’s tempting to do such things in order to increase business and win over the competition. And, nine times out of ten, such risks won’t result in explosions or injury.

We, of course, all too often see the same thing happening in construction. In an attempt to win a bid, to undercut competition, firms cut corners. And, nine times out of ten, these don’t result in accident. Such practice, however is never worth it. It takes only one time, sacrificing the safety of your workers (or clients), to have an accident which destroys the reputation of your company; and, even worse, leads to death or injury.

We need to conscientiously strive to always put safety fist, even if that means we lose a contract, or lose market share to a rival company. Let’s learn from the Samsung incident that it is never worth it to cut such corners. Let’s strive for integrity in all we do. That speaks volumes.