InstantCard is pleased to announce that a major new feature has been added to its Credential Verification Service: Document Management. Now, whenever a badge is scanned, another section is available to display critical worksite documents. Important Safety Procedures, critical check-lists, key contact names/numbers, and similar documents can be included on everyone’s badge.

As a result, no employee will again have the excuse that they didn’t know a particular policy, or that they couldn’t find a specific document. All they have to do is scan their own badge, or any co-worker’s badge, with their¬†smart phone, and the list of important documents appears on their screen. With one tap of the “click-to-view” button, they can call up and review any document, instantaneously. This eliminates asking around or scrambling to find a critical piece of information, removing another one of those time-eaters which slow up construction progress.

Documents can be added or modified at any time, so as soon as information changes, the up-to-date version is immediately available to everyone on a worksite. There is no limit to the number of documents available, and best of all – there is no additional charge for this service!
documentation screenshot