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How to Ensure Employees know who to call

In case of an emergency, or any other unforeseen situation, staff are often at a loss to know who they are supposed to call.  With all the unusual circumstances which can happen at any time on a complex worksite, its not surprising that precious time is often lost as the right person, who can address the situation, is identified, contacted, and brought [...]

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See the latest CVS updates at the National Safety Council Conference in Anaheim, Calif.

We are excited about our participation in the upcoming National Safety Council Trade Show, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center from Oct. 17-19, 2016. The National Safety Council is America's leading safety advocate preventing unintentional injuries and death.  Each year, their national conference attracts thousands of professionals seeking the latest best-practices in the fields of environment, health, and safety. You'll find InstantCard [...]

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Announcing the New InstantCard C.V.S. Mobile App

The first version of the C.V.S. Mobile App has now been released, and is available for free download for both Apple and Android devices. The simple-to-use app allows an authorized trainer in the field to automatically register attendees that have completed a course he has given.  At the end of the course, he just has to scan the QR code [...]

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ASSE Safety-2016 Conference Presentation on Technologies to Improve Access to Training Records

David Finkelstein was recently invited by the ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) to make a presentation to all attendees at its annual conference in Atlanta, Safety 2016. He gave a presentation entitled "How Mobile and Cloud Technologies Enable Access to Training Records from the Jobsite". You will find below a copy of the slides of this presentation.  You can flip through the [...]

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On-site deployment of the Credential Verification System

We thought you'd like to see a superb photo of a foreman proudly displaying his CVS-enabled photo ID card on the jobsite, sent to us by one of our clients. As you look closely at this great picture, you're probably wondering where that amazing construction site is? Its the new Mercedes-Benz NFL Stadium being built in Atlanta, future home of the [...]

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Visit us at the ASSE Safety 2016 Conference in Atlanta

Once again, InstantCard will be exhibiting at the American Society of Safety Engineers Trade Show, America's foremost Safety-focused conference and exhibition.  Over 5,000 safety professionals are expected to attend this year, making this an excellent venue for exchanging best-practices with leaders in the industry. This year, the conference takes place June 26-29, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, [...]

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Now the C.V.S. service also manages workplace documentation

InstantCard is pleased to announce that a major new feature has been added to its Credential Verification Service: Document Management. Now, whenever a badge is scanned, another section is available to display critical worksite documents. Important Safety Procedures, critical check-lists, key contact names/numbers, and similar documents can be included on everyone's badge. As a result, no employee will again have [...]

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Providing worker lists to General Contractors

All sub-contractors on any large work-site are typically required to submit, in advance, the names, identities, and qualifications of each skilled worker they intend to send to the job-site. The General Contractor (GC) needs to check that each employee's training records are in order, to ensure safety and reduce any potential risk of liability. This is done in advance to avoid any delays at the [...]

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Announcing the “Emergency Information” Option

We're pleased to announce that we've added a significant new safety feature, available for all CVS users. We've added an "Emergency Information" button which appears right below the employee's profile information, whenever the QR code is scanned.  This is designed to immediately display exactly the information that an EMT or Emergency Responder would need to see in case of an accident.  After [...]

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How does CVS handle seasonal or temporary employees?

The Credential Verification Service has an "active" flag for each employee.  All employees default to "active" status.  However, at any time, employee's status can be switched to "inactive".  This does not delete any data in the data base.  However, when such an employee's card is scanned, the message "Employee not active in the CVS System" will be displayed.  No billing [...]

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