CVS offers a set of APIs (Application Program Interface) so that other web services and application programs can interact directly and automatically with the CVS Data Base.  For example, as new employees are entered into a Human Resources management system, they can instantaneously be also added to the CVS service.  And new training records recorded in a Learning Management System can automatically be sent, in real time, to CVS.  As a result, with a little back-end programming, CVS clients can ensure that all their systems are always in synch and up to date.

The CVS API is based on REST/JSON, the most modern and commonly-used protocol for web services communications.  This flexible, easy-to-use protocol is well-known to the vast majority of webmasters, and can generally be implemented quite quickly.  It is the same protocol used by major web services like Amazon and Fedex, and thousands of others.

Using the API, every time one of your employee’s training records are updated, in any system, you can be sure that their current up-to-the-minute accomplishments are visible online by simply scanning their photo ID card.  Implementing the API removes any manual effort required to maintain parallel data bases.

Comprehensive user documentation is available describing exactly how to implement CVS web services, and a test program is available to help developers rapidly check the functionality.