… but, to be fair, when we say “one foot in the past” we don’t mean that far into the past.

We often have people ask us about additional options for their CVS ID cards. While people immediately see the benefit of our credential management technology, they sometimes worry that they have to give up other ID card options in order to implement it. This, fortunately, is not the case.

CVS is powered by InstantCard—America’s first 100% cloud-based ID card service. ID badge customization has been their only business since 2007. Because of this, we can offer you every option for your ID cards. So, in addition to the powerful CVS system, you may print cards with smart chips, RFID, bar codes, mag stripes, holographic overlays, anything you might need to make the perfect ID badge for your company.

Additionally, all badges are printed on extremely durable PVC with thermal retransfer printing (HD) technology.  This means that they are both durable and pretty to look at.

So, don’t worry—embrace CVS without fear of losing your old mag stripe technology. We’ve got you covered.