We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a significant new safety feature, available for all CVS users.

We’ve added an “Emergency Information” button which appears right below the employee’s profile information, whenever the QR code is scanned.  This is designed to immediately display exactly the information that an EMT or Emergency Responder would need to see in case of an accident.  After scanning the employee’s badge, you merely tap the red “emergency information” bar to see information like blood type, allergies, prior medical conditions, Doctor’s name/number, etc.  This is not designed to be used for any confidential medical data, but rather to display the critical information that should be immediately accessible in case of an incident.

The information to be displayed for each employee can be prepared in any standard document format, and uploaded in .pdf format to the CVS record.

Ask your InstantCard rep to enable this new feature to further enhance your employee safety program.