respirator maskSeveral clients recently contacted us to ask whether CVS could be enabled to track issuance of safety equipment to employees. As we learned more about this customer request, we discovered that new OSHA silica regulations require companies to track the usage of respirator masks. While the new regulations cover a wide range of safety requirements, one key aspect is that if an employee uses a mask more than 30 times a year, he needs to receive a specialized medical check-up.

We also discovered that construction companies, especially those in the masonry, drywall, and demolition sectors, do not have an easy way to track issuance of respirator masks. They planned to do it manually (ie, paper!) until a better solution could be found.

Our tech team realized that with a few small adjustments, the CVS mobile app could be adapted to track issuance of respirator masks, or indeed any safety equipment. So now, authorized employees can merely scan the QR code on an employee’s badge to register check-out of a respirator mask, a climbing harness, or another type of equipment. The CVS database is immediately updated to record this event. At any time, staff can download a complete spreadsheet of all equipment checked out, by employee, to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Using the CVS mobile app is so much easier than paper, why would anyone want to do it any other way?