As you’re probably well aware, our service makes heavy use of QR code technology. But, while QR codes have been around for quite some time, native support for the 2D bar codes has been lacking in most mobile devices.

We don’t mind answering calls from people saying “I took a picture of the QR code but nothing happened.” But, it was extremely nice to find out that Apple’s iOS 11 will now support QR code scanning directly in the native camera app.


QR codes have become an increasingly popular technology in recent years, thanks to their versatility and ease of use. However, despite their widespread use, many mobile devices have yet to fully support QR code scanning. This has caused some frustration for users who are unable to scan codes effectively.

However, this all changed with the introduction of iOS 11 by Apple. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 11, finally natively supports QR code scanning within the built-in camera app. This is a game-changer for the QR code industry and for Apple device users. With the ability to scan QR codes now integrated into the camera app, there is no longer the need for third-party apps or complicated workarounds to scan codes.

The integration of QR code scanning into iOS 11 is particularly relevant for the Credential Verification Service (CVS) which makes heavy use of QR codes. The CVS allows users to create and store their training and professional credentials in a secure and centralized location. These credentials are stored as QR codes, which can be easily scanned by authorized personnel to verify their authenticity.

The integration of QR code scanning into the native camera app on Apple devices has made the process of scanning CVS badges even easier. It is now as simple as pointing your device’s camera at the QR code and waiting for the information to be displayed on your screen.

The use of QR codes in the Credential Verification Service has many benefits, including improved security, easier management, and faster verification. With the support of QR codes in iOS 11, users can take advantage of these benefits even more easily.

In conclusion, the integration of QR code scanning into iOS 11 by Apple is great news for the QR code industry and for Credential Verification Service users. With the ability to scan QR codes now built directly into the camera app, it is easier than ever to verify professional credentials and make use of the many benefits offered by the Credential Verification Service.

So if you are an Apple device user, now is the perfect time to get your hands on the latest device and start taking advantage of the QR code scanning capabilities. And, while you’re at it, create a Credential Verification Service account to make the most of your device and stay organized with your professional credentials.