Update Field Training with App from Credential Verification Service

Trainers can register workers who complete courses by scanning their ID cards with a smartphone, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland—Companies and safety managers can keep worker training records up-to-date and accurate with Credential Verification Service’s (CVS) new mobile app. It eliminates the errors and delays associated with paper sign-in sheets.

The app lets authorized trainers automatically record attendees who have completed courses. The trainer just scans the QR code on the badge of each employee to instantly update their training records. Alternatively, the trainer can enter the employee’s ID number.

The CVS Mobile App works with iPhone and Android phones, and all tablets.  It’s free for customers of Credential Verification Service.

“Our clients are taking training tracking out of the era of the mud-stained sign-in sheet into the digital age,” said CVS president David Finkelstein.

Besides trainers, the app can be used by foremen to track attendance at worksite meetings like tool-box talks. Or it can be used by administrators to track attendance at company orientation sessions and worksite safety briefings.

The CVS service provides each employee with a professional photo ID card that can be scanned with any smartphone or tablet to immediately look up all certifications. Each ID card has a unique QR code that when scanned displays the employee’s training records on the phone.  The database of training records can be updated from any location, at any time.

Employees can see which of their credentials are coming up for renewal.  Employee information is managed in a single location companywide and stored securely in the cloud.

More information: www.credentialverificationservice.com or [email protected] or 301-216-3846.

CVS is service of InstantCard, America’s leading 100 percent cloud-based ID card service since 2007.

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