Transportation Workers Can Now View Safety Rules and Checklists on Smartphones

Credential Verification Service’s enhanced ID cards can now retrieve key documents from the cloud and let employees in field view them on their phones—boosting safety, saving time

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland—Transportation workers can now instantly access safety procedures, checklists, emergency contacts and other vital documents on their smartphones. The feature was recently added to Credential Verification Service’s scannable employee ID cards.

The employee just scans his own ID card or any coworker’s badge with a smartphone, and a list of key documents appears on the screen. Any document is instantly visible with one tap of the “view” button.

“This eliminates scrambling to find a critical piece of information, removing another time-eater,” said CVS president David Finkelstein.

Each card has a QR code that when scanned links the worker’s smartphone to essential documents. Documents can be added or modified at any time, ensuring that up-to-date information is always shown.

“No employee will ever again have the excuse that they didn’t know about a particular policy, couldn’t find a specific document or didn’t know whom to call in an emergency,” Finkelstein said. The service is free for CVS clients.

CVS provides enhanced photo ID cards to many employers in safety-conscious industries such as healthcare, construction, transportation and energy. Each durable plastic wallet card shows the employee’s training records when scanned. This lets supervisors assign jobs only to employees who are trained to do them. Document retrieval is an optional upgrade.

Cards can be ordered at or by contacting CVS at [email protected] or 888-980-6179.  The service costs $50 per month plus $15 per month per 100 users.

Credential Verification Service is a service of InstantCard, America’s leading 100 percent cloud-based ID card service since 2007. Follow them on Twitter (@instantcardid) and LinkedIn (

PHOTOCAPTION  Scannable ID card links the worker’s smartphone to essential documents

December 2016

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