Employees’ Emergency Medical Info Can Be Viewed by Scanning ID Card with Smartphone

Blood Type, Allergies and More Are Instantly Available via Credential Verification Service’s New Feature

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland—Your employee is unconscious or badly injured. Will the first responder be able to quickly access crucial medical information?

Companies that use Credential Verification Service’s enhanced employee ID cards can be sure that the EMT will get it instantly. The first responder just scans the employee’s ID card, which has quick response (QR) code on it, with a smartphone or tablet. An “Emergency Information” button then appears below the employee profile displayed on the mobile device.

The EMT just taps the button to view medical information such as blood type, allergies, prior medical conditions, and primary care physician. This can save a first responder precious time and potentially even save lives.

The medical information feature works with the iPhone, Android phones and all tablets. It’s a free added-value service for all CVS customers.

Credential Verification Service provides photo ID cards to employers in highly safety-conscious industries such as construction, healthcare, transportation and energy. Each durable plastic wallet card when scanned calls up the employee’s training records and, optionally, emergency medical information. The cloud-stored database of training records can be updated from any location, any time.

The service can be set up at www.credentialverificationservice.com or by contacting CVS at [email protected] or 888-980-6179.

Credential Verification Service is a service of InstantCard, America’s leading 100 percent cloud-based ID card service since 2007.  Follow them on Twitter (@instantcardid) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/instantcard).

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