Check Worker Credentials Fast with QR-Coded Wristbands 

Employers in safety-critical industries like construction and manufacturing have a new solution from Credential Verification Service for verifying employee training

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland—Employers that need to verify that workers are doing only jobs they’re trained for have a new solution with Credential Verification Service’s new verification wristbands. 

Each silicone wristband is stamped with a unique QR code. When the durable wristband is scanned with a smartphone or a tablet, the employee’s updated training records are displayed on the device.

CVS provides the same proven training-verification service to employers that use its photo ID cards.  Using a badge, however, can be inconvenient or unfeasible at certain worksites.

“On many jobs, it’s not safe to have a lanyard around your neck or a card dangling from your belt,” says CVS president David Finkelstein.  “And it can be inconvenient to fish a card out of your wallet.”

A wristband offers a great alternative.  For example, a factory worker may need to have an ID scanned by a machine to gain access to it.  A construction supervisor may need to check on employees as they go from job to job.  Scanning a wristband makes verification easy and fast.

CVS teamed up with a leading manufacturer of silicone wristbands to offer the groundbreaking product. Wristbands can be customized by color, shape, and size.

Alternatively, CVS can print the QR code on a label that’s affixed to a construction worker’s hardhat.

Wristbands and cards can be ordered at or by contacting CVS at [email protected] or 888-980-6179.  The service costs $50 per month plus $15 per month per 100 users.

Credential Verification Service is a service of InstantCard (, America’s leading 100 percent cloud-based ID card service since 2007.

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The QR code printed on the Credential Verification Service wristband calls up worker training records instantly from any mobile device.

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