We have partnered with TapTrack—giving you the option to use your CVS ID badges to check into (and out of) a work site. Of course, with those same ID cards, you still have access to the vast array of CVS services via its QR code. Watch the video ↓

Here’s the script:

CVS, InstantCard’s Credential Verification Service, has teamed up with TapTrack—allowing the use of CVS badges to check workers into a construction site

Workers just tap their card against a reader at the gate to check-in.

A green light indicates successful entry; and time and location of the check-in is immediately stored in the secure CVS cloud-based database.

A red light flashes on any unauthorized entry, helping you control who is allowed on-site.

With both Check-in and Check-out, administrators can determine who is on site at any point in time

With the same photo ID badge, you still have access to the full range of CVS services. Simply scan the QR code to see all the workers credentials.

With real-time credential verification and access control, your work site has never been safer or more secure.