Credential Verification Service works by adding a new “virtual” dimension to ID Cards.

Some examples of the types of credentials you can upload:

 You may also upload and manage:  training recordscourse completionscertificates • safety training recordstraining exercisesqualificationslegal permitsregulatory authorizationsdocumentation of classworkinsurance certificates • skills & capabilities statements • (and much more)

Assigning new credentials to employees is simple:

See more videos of our online software by visiting our Video Tours page:
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Scan workers’ badgesanytime, anywhere:

Using a QR code reader on any phone or tablet, scan the QR code on a workers badge.  You will immediately see all of the worker’s credentials, courses, and certifications.  It is always up to date–stored on the InstantCard server’s secure database.

Cards do not need to be reissued every time credentials change.  The QR code remains the same, and all updates are managed on the cloud.


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The InstantCard CVS system can generate QR codes on the front or the back of the card. Multiple codes can be printed on each card. And, access to credentials can be password protected.

Benefits of the Credential Verification Service

Companies which deploy the CVS system are able to:

  • Comply with government regulations
  • Minimize liabilities and avoid costly penalties and fines
  • Reduce potential workplace injuries and worker compensation claims
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Prevent unnecessary delays

See for yourself—Get a free demo account:

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