We love technology—it is from this love that CVS was born. In our excitement for the cool functionality of the service, we did our best to include on our website examples of how it may be used, good documentation of our API, and fancy videos showing its utilitarian aspect. But, perhaps now its time to admit it—maybe we love technology a little too much.

A (formerly “potential”) client, thrilled with CVS’s capabilities, called to ask a very logical question—”But what do the cards look like, though? Do we have to design them or do you?” Yes, in our love for all things tech, it seems that we forgot to include something very important on our home page. All card design is not only free, but we think our card designs look really pretty. Functionality and beautiful card design mustn’t be mutually exclusive.

So, we quickly gathered a few example card designs we’ve done and added them to our home page.

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(Click here to see them full-width)

So, now you know—the cards look amazing, and our professional designers will design them for free. And, if you’re in need of multiple templates, no problem! Or professional designers have you covered. So feel free to revel in both the cool technology and in the pretty pictures.