Safety Experts implement C.V.S. as an Industry Best Practice

Specialized EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) experts are typically engaged to plan and execute a large construction project, or a major plant turn-around. C.V.S. can allow these safety consultants to demonstrate how their clients can provide online, real-time consultation of training records. If your firm specializes in the safety industry, contact us to discuss how the C.V.S. service can be used to augment the visibility of your capabilities and to demonstrate your commitment to the use of hi-tech solutions to meet the challenges faced by your clients.

Free Demonstration Account

  • InstantCard will set up, at no cost, a fully-operational CVS account for any qualified safety consultant. Services provided will include:
  • Free card template design, integrating your custom logo, and account initialization
  • Funding to order up to 5 cards; each card can be used in an unlimited manner
  • Ability to upload and modify an unlimited number of credentials for each card

This is a great opportunity to show clients your extensive skills, in a way which allows them to understand how they can do the same with their own employees/subcontractors.

Revenue Sharing

The InstantCard partners program allows consultants who recommend the system to their clients to share in the CVS revenues generated. Consultants earn 15% of first-year revenues from any referred clients.

CVS Service Customization

Consultants generally provide highly specialized, customized services to their clients. If required, and subject to prior approval, InstantCard will tailor the CVS services to fit the specific business practices recommended by its consulting partners. InstantCard is able to provide website customization, including inclusion of partner logos and branding, depending on functional requirements and business opportunity. We work closely with our partners to tailor the service to enhance their unique set of skills and capabilities.

Click here to request information on our partner program.

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