Turnarounds are expensive

Let the efficiency of CVS save you time and money.

Plant turn arounds are a fact of life for utilities, oil refineries, and manufacturing facilities. When large facilities are taken off-line for several weeks or months, it is crucial that work is completed as quickly as possible, because each extra day off-line is very costly. So, in preparation, months of detailed planning are necessary before a plant shut-down occurs.

Project planners are extremely sensitivity to the EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) aspects of these projects. All workers involved must have completed a minimum set of training courses to ensure that they can perform their tasks safely, without delaying the project. Many specialized subcontractors are always involved, and each member of their staff must be qualified before coming on-site.

CVS is versatile enough to meet your unique needs.

It can ensure compliance with all EHS regulations in the following ways:

Identity Management

A photo ID card presented at the gate can ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed on site. Additional security can be obtained by:

  • Ensuring cards are non-falsifiable, for example with a holographic overlay
  • Matching with a state-issued photo ID card, like a driver’s license
  • Scanning against a list of pre-authorized personnel

Skills Verification

When foremen are assigning tasks and duties to workmen, they can scan any worker’s badge to verify that the appropriate skills for a given job have been acquired. Rather than wasting precious time checking with the office, or with a manager, validation can be obtained instantaneously, anywhere on the plant. This can save time when unforeseen circumstances could otherwise prolong the turnaround.

Compliance Monitoring

All personnel on-site can be instructed to have their CVS qualifications card in their wallet at all times. At any moment, an auditor or compliance officer can request to see the ID card of a workman, wherever they are working. A quick scan of the card will immediately allow validation that the individual is in full compliance with all requirements for the job being performed.

Implementation & Operations

Well in advance of the start of the turnaround, all workers are given their ID card with unique QR code. Each worker will:

Set up an account with InstantCard, registering their association with the turnaround project. Our web application makes this quick and simple.

In advance, order a card for each employee, uploading his name, ID number, and photo. All photo ID cards are printed with a unique QR code, and mailed to the subcontractor’s office within 24 hours.

For each employee, upload the images of the various training credentials required for the job. Also entered will be the credential name, course completion date, and expiration date. Once uploaded, all qualifications are immediately available for viewing online.


Once the minimum training requirements for all workers are established, InstantCard can provide monitoring services to report which employees have met those standards, and which remain non-compliant.

Reports can be generated which indicate, by individual, whether required courses have not yet been taken, or whether training has expired.

Ensure Employee Ownership

With his badge, any worker will be able to check his own training records, at any time. Whether from a phone or a PC, the same training records visible to management will be viewable by the employee. As a result, employees can take ownership of their own records, and monitor when they need to register for re-certification, as well as ensure that all their records are indeed on file.