Check training records from anywhere, at any time

Many organizations send their staff out in the field to perform complex building and repair tasks. It is important that these workers can demonstrate aptitude for a particular job, just like workmen on a more traditional, gated job-site. Examples which come to mind include road repair, railroad maintenance, pipeline construction, and equipment maintenance.

The CVS service offers an access layer, which sits on top of existing LMS (Learning Management System) or HR records data bases. Most companies use multiple providers of training programs, each of which offers their own unique online system. CVS can interface with these other systems via an API, to automatically receive updated information directly from those underlying services. Or, company safety and training managers can take the output from these systems (data records, electronic documents, or paper scans) and upload them to the CVS site. In this way, CVS becomes a useful tool for quickly accessing records which are generated in different formats, from different providers, via one common easy-to-use interface.

For these field workers, CVS can ensure compliance with all EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) regulations in the following ways:

Identity Management

A photo ID card can ensure that personnel are allowed access to the work area. Since some work must take place in controlled-access locations, proper identification can eliminate delays while calls are made to allow access.

Skills Verification

When foremen are assigning tasks and duties to workmen, they can scan any worker’s badge to verify that the appropriate skills for a given job have been acquired. Rather than losing precious time checking with the field workers’ main office, validation can be obtained instantaneously, wherever the job-site is located.

Compliance Monitoring

All personnel can be instructed to have their CVS qualifications card in their wallet at all times. At any time, an auditor or compliance officer can request to see the ID card of a workman. A quick scan of the card will immediately verify that the individual is in full compliance with all requirements for the given job being performed.

Ensure Employee Ownership

With his badge, any worker will be able to check his own training records, at any time. Whether from a phone or a PC, the same training records visible to management will be viewable by the employee. As a result, employees can take ownership of their own records, and monitor when they need to register for re-certification, as well as ensure that all their records are indeed on file.

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