Credential Verification Service adds a new “virtual” dimension to your ID Card program.

QR Codes (QR stands for “Quick Response”) are smartphone-readable 2-D barcodes that have been big in Japan since their introduction by Toyota as a means of rapidly tracking car components. In 2011 QR Codes began to be used extensively in Europe and in North America to act as a bridge between printed material in the physical world and virtual records in the cloud.

The InstantCard CVS (Credential Verification Service) is an example of how QR codes can significantly enhance the services obtained from your ID badges. Once a badge is issued, employees continue to take training and certification courses. Rather than re-printing the badge each time a new certification is obtained, the QR code allows on-line checking of current up-to-the-minute certifications and qualifications.

cvs badge

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Anyone with a QR-code reader app in their phone or tablet will be able to use their camera to read the QR code, either from the actual Photo ID card, or from the image on the screen. They will immediately see the following information displayed in their phone, with current records pulled from the InstantCard server’s data base storing information associated with each ID card issued:

credential verification service
credential verification service
credential verification service
credential verification service

Go ahead and try it! If you don’t have a QR code app on your phone, click on the link below. You’ll also quickly see that CVS works equally well on a tablet or even a PC screen.

Click here to see how this information appears in your PC or Mac browser.

The InstantCard CVS system can generate QR codes on the front or the back of the card. Multiple codes can be printed on each card. Data on sites referenced in a QR Code can also be password-protected.

In essence, CVS allows you to have multiple virtual “sides” of the card. Rather than being limited to just the “front” and “back” of the card, CVS allows you to create and view unlimited pages, or “sides”, of a single card.

Benefits of the Credential Verification Service

Companies which deploy the CVS system are able to:

  • Comply with government regulations
  • Minimize liabilities and avoid costly penalties and fines
  • Reduce potential workplace injuries and worker compensation claims
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Prevent unnecessary delays

Industries which gain particular advantages from deploying CVS

If you work in one of the following industry sectors, please click on the relevant link to obtain further information on how CVS can benefit your specific operations:

  • General Contractors
  • Oil & Gas, Utilities, Major Manufacturing Plants
  • Construction and Maintenance Companies which send Workers out in the Field
  • Safety Consultants